Welcome To Storm Baseball!

If you are looking for an organized baseball program with an experienced, professional coaching staff, and you want your son to learn the game of baseball the right way, then you’ve come to the right place. The Storm program is specifically designed to teach your son all the aspects of baseball that will advance him to the level of high school, college and in some cases beyond that.

With baseball being as competitive as it is these days, players not only have to “know the game”, but they need to have their skills properly honed just to be able to make their high school teams. The sooner they learn the game correctly, the more time they will have to become competitive and truly sharpen their skills to prepare them for the years ahead.

The Storm Baseball Club is managed and coached by Kent Decker. Coach Decker has been a premier baseball coach here in the valley for over 35 years and his track record speaks for itself. Many of his past and present teams have won several National Tournament Titles and are on track to win several more. For years Coach Decker has been developing top flight athletes, many of which have gone on to become College and Professional baseball players. (See Alumni Page) His intention is to continue coaching and training the best players in Arizona by creating a professional environment both on and off the field. Storm Baseball has a long running tradition of being one of the elite baseball clubs in Arizona.

Players wanting to participate should already have intermediate/advanced skills, (unless they are 7 or 8) with baseball being their primary sport. Playing other sports is encouraged, but we expect full participation in practices and tournaments.

Starting in the Fall of 2017, each team ( 8U-9U-10U-11U-12U-13U-14U-15U-16U-18U ) will have the sole purpose of qualifying, competing and winning the USSSA World Series National Championship in Orlando, Florida in the Summer of 2018.

Tryouts for 2017-2018 will be Sat August 12,2017 @ 7:30 am for all ages Tryouts will be held @ Frontier  Elementary 21258 N 81st ave

Pre-Register your son for Tryouts by going to the “Tryout Form” tab and filling out form.

2017 – 2018 Age Divisions:

8U (Grades 1-3) – Players that are currently  8 and will not turn 9 prior to May 1, 2018

9U (Grades 3-4) – Players that are currently 8 or 9 and will not turn 10 prior to May 1, 2018

10U (Grades 4-5) – Players that are currently 9 or 10 and will not turn 11 prior to May 1, 2018

11U (Grades 5-6 ) – Players that are currently 10 or 11 and will not turn 12 prior to May 1, 2018

12U (Grades 6-7 ) – Players that are currently 11 or 12 and will not turn 13 prior to May 1, 2018

13U (Grades 7-8 ) – Players that are currently 12 or 13 andwill not turn 14 prior to May 1, 2018

14U (Grades 8-9 ) – Players that are currently 13 or 14 and will not turn 15 prior to May 1,2018

15U (Grades 9-10) – Players that are currently 14 or 15 and will not turn 16 prior to May 1, turn 16 2018                                             

16U (Grades 10-11)  Players that are currently 15 or 16 and will not turn 17 prior to May 1,2018

18U (Grades 10-11)  Players that are currently 18 and under and will not turn 19 prior to May 1,2018


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